Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Called Jackson's House, What Did They Expect?

From the looks of it, the child sex scandal at Toronto's Upper Canada College is about to go from really, really bad to holy shit I better start writing a script.

In October 2004, former UCC teacher Doug Brown was found guilty on nine charges of indecent assault on boys at the prestigious Toronto school during the 1970s and early 1980s. While Brown received the bulk of coverage in the Canadian and Toronto media, there were other former UCC masters going on trial for similar offences - including Herb Sommerfield, a former UCC prep math and music teacher charged with molestation. Well, on Monday, Sommerfield was cleared of all charges relating to the case. However, that is where the story just gets interesting.

The scuttlebutt (pun intended) is that the accuser in the Sommerfield case was none other than Douglas John Mackenzie, a UCC graduate currently facing charges in both the US and the UK for numerous child sex and child pornography offences, including having hired a surrogate mother using donated sperm to bring a male child to term for the expressed purpose of furthering his movie making down the line. Again, word around the UCC network is that the former Jackson's House (I couldn't possibly make that up) boy was using the Sommerfield case to keep his name out of the Canadian press and hoped to press on with a civil suit against both Sommerfield and the school in hopes of financing his legal defense in the cases pending against him in the US and the UK. Of course, it seems to have worked as the publication ban in Canada kept his name out of the press until just this week. I was getting bored of Peter Braunstein anyway.


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