Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Alvin, Simon and Me Are Mad as Hell!!!

So, recently I was collared to do some voice work for an ad agency I do some work for from time to time. It was for the Conservative Party of Canada. This spot is particularly interesting. The voice you hear saying "I understand that Paul Martin has been talking about a childcare program since I was 5, I'm 18 now" is mine. However, it has been sped up in order to make my 34 year old tone sound 18-ish. Hilarious. In Canada, even the spin is low budget.

See if you can pick me out of the other spots:
Health Care
First person to email me with the correct spots and quotations wins the first batch of my previously mentioned Cafe Press schwag, and some swamp land in Florida.

PS - Pssst, these weren't actually man on the streets. They were scripted.


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