Thursday, January 19, 2006

Have an Eye

Northern Ireland and (Scottish Premier League) Hibernian forward Dean Shiels is slated for surgery "within the next few weeks" to have one eye removed. Losing sight in one eye would spell "career ender" for most elite athletes. The difference here being that Sheils has been blind in this soon to be free agent eye since he was eight.

First, to quote Hibernian manager Tony Mowbray, ""What is amazing is that Dean has adapted so fantastically that people who don't know him well have been entirely unaware of this." No shit.

Second, none of the reports I read mentioned whether we were talking about the right eye or the left eye. In the tried and true form of NHL personel, keeping us guessing as to the true nature of the injury - very clever.

Third, one can only assume this will spell the end of article lead-ins like this one:


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