Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Manute 911

In recent months, perhaps even years, former NBA freak show Manute Bol has been canonized by a sporting press looking for a hero. While the 7 foot 7 native of the Sudan seems to have been tireless in his pursuit of aid and assistance for Darfur and his homeland in general, it always struck me as odd that Bol celebrity boxing, taking a shift for a minor-league hockey club and even taking a turn as a jockey has bee acclaimed as a great man doing great things. Fine, so not every crusader can accomplish the Bono-esque, telling George W Bush to fuck off one moment and hobnobbing with the Davos ecognescenti the next. However, I was surprised when I stumbled upon the story of Bol's domestic incident this morning. I was immediately reminded of that old Mark Eaton commercial wherein the ugliest big man in the long, horrid history of ugly big men stared down long and hard into the camera and said something along the lines of "You intimidated by me? Imagine how your kids feel." That having been said, Bol isn't that intimidating; also, if his wife is also a Dinka, I'm sure she's 6'6" herself. I was secondarily kind of spooked. I thought, "Isn't he one of the good guys? I mean, I've read so much about what he's done for the internally displaced in Darfur." Or at least, that's what I read.


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