Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Anthems

Yes, Olympic Mascots are very strange. They all seem to be some sort of country cousin to Youppi. However, they all seem fairly innocuous. From stuffed cat-like things to stuffed Nicorettes, they are all firmly in the "Children! Future!" category.

Olympic anthems on the other hand... The latest effort for Turin, can only be described as fascist. Now, I'm not really surprised, given that this is the place where fascism was born and it follows that since fascists every after have copied their architecture, tailoring and fodness for strangely etherial quasi-martial music that the anthem for this games would sound not out of place at a night rally. However, I would think that something by John Tesh would be no less awful and much less frightening. Then again, I remember having the Tesh-composed Calgary '88 theme (which, I believe was called "Love In The Air", which makes me think it could very well have done double duty drawing tourists back to Toronto after the SARS scare) pounded into my head and I'll be damned if I still confuse it and "Roundball Rock". Tesh, fighting fascism.


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