Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Think "Clue" meets "Catcher in the Rye"

They've finally gone and done it. Yes, Gawker has introduced Gawker Stalker Maps. The pairing up of their reader generated celebrity sightings feature Gawker Stalker with the pinpoint accuracy of Google Maps creates a truly Chapmanesque tool for the celebrity age.

Usually, I'm the first person to snicker when celebrities cry foul over "invasions of privacy". It is part of the job. You trade anonymity for a life of glamour, leisure and possibly wealth. To my ears, celebrities whining about their visibility is tantamount to trust fund kids whining about their families. With one key difference - trust fund kids could, if so inclined, renounce their fortune and avoid all contact with the source of their anger (and funds). Celebrities aren't given this opportunity. Ever. Witness the inclusion of Sinbad in the same above Gawker Stalker Maps. Not that I think Sinbad's fall from grace was by choice, but I'm not sure his recent career arc justifies his being harassed as he buys Jeri Curl.

In short, I think this goes too far. Could even severely defective people have drawn up this movement history all on their own before the two data streams necessary to accomplish it were paired up? Of course they could. However, Gawker does have SOME responsibility when it comes to what someone MAY do with the information it publishes. It is fitting then, that in addition to Sinbad, one inclusion in the inaugural edition of Gawker Stalker Maps is one Yoko Ono, spotted at 18 Wooster Street, March 10 @ 8 PM. Alone, presumably.

PS - Gawker-ites, let me be the first to congratulate you on your very own episode of Law & Order.


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