Friday, March 17, 2006

When You're Given Dogshit, Make Dogshit-aide!

"Dogshit", unlike "fuck", "cunt" or just plain "shit", is one of those words that rarely has a positive connotation (NB - I realize that entire women's studies departments have been built on this sort of analysis of "cunt", I'm not sure I could add anything to that.). People refer to the skiing conditions as dogshit, or as invective when referring to a film or a restaurant meal or any number of things. However, just the other day, while walking my dog I found a positive spin if not on the word dogshit than on its act of creation.

Simply put, spending a few crucial minutes a day - before bed or before coffee - forced to WAIT for a dog to take a shit teaches a unique brand of humility. You are suspending your day waiting for, wait for it, dogshit. Now, if that does not make you realize your place in the universe, and be happy for it, than you truly are dogshit.


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