Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Perhaps Their Target Market Thinks 9/11 is Where Slurpees Come From

So, I'm smoking crack and watching American Idol last night on CTV (A Canadian national Network that picks up the Fox show and has taken on the Canadian rights for MTV) when on comes an ad for the newly relaunched MTV Canada. It consists of various shots of downtown Toronto, including wide skyline shots, and legions of people falling from the sky in all of them. Yes, people falling out of the sky flying past the WTC-like First Canadian Place and splatting into the ground. I can't find screen grabs of the spot in question, but believe me when I tell you it was horrific. If intentional, doubly so.

Client: "But. Won't people kind of immediately think 9/11?"
CD: "Fuck 9/11! That's AMERICA, this is Canada - and hey, this is MTV, our target wasn't even ALIVE for it."
Client: "Yea, you're right. Fuck 9/11. Can I get a cappucino?"
CD: "Sure can! Would you like a blow job with that?"

Clearly, Joakim Noah's Mother knows how to handle the rock

Alternate title: Joakim Noah's mother gets my rocks off.