Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gretzky/Nash and Other Nationals Separated at Birth

Overheard during last night's Suns/Mavs game four (paraphrased):

Steve Kerr: "You know, the way Nash drives the lane and then finds the cutter slashing to the net is reminiscent of the way Gretzky used to operate in his office behind the net. Dishing out passes to team mates driving to the net."

Kenny the Jet: "Nowitzki's ability to stop and pop the three as a seven footer brings to mind Rohmmel's ability to pivot and reverse a flanking movement at corps strength."

Charles: "Guys, lemme tell you, Boris Diaw is so smooth that he brings to mind, for me anyway, the nutty smoothness of a sliver of foie gras served a la Perigordon - which, as you fellows no doubt know, means perched delicately atop a fresh Bosc pear."

Kerr: "Didier Ilunga-Mbenga? He has the length and elasticity of the rubber plants for which his fellow Congolese were slaughtered for decades."

Sager: "Steve, is it distracting out there on the floor when you stop and think to yourself, Damn, Barbosa looks just like Rivaldo..."